The next Read and Critique Sigs are coming up soon.  Check out the calendar for dates and RSVP to:

Professor Richard Walter, our May keynote speaker, takes writers all the way from idea, to draft, to studio deal. Click here.

Past AWG President Marc Cushman has done it again!!! The second book in his series, "These Are the Voyages" Not just for Star Trek fans, these books might be the most effective how to write a script books you have ever read. Check it out by clicking here.  Additionally, Marc will be teaching his Screenwriting course at Pierce College, check out the link on the Links & Friends of AWG page under Courses.


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THIS JUST IN: April's Guest Speaker at the AWG meeting, Gary Anthony Williams, is doing another good thing. Join Gary's team to walk for Pancreatic Cancer.

Also join Gary at his film festival, LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival May 15th to the 18th. Click Here A great big thank you to April's guest speaker Gary Anthony Williams. Funny and smart! He's a triple threat. At the meeting, Gary Anthony Williams brought laughter, fun, and inspiration to members and guests alike. We learned how we can create our own annual festivals that will be the toast of the town (OK, we are writers so we dream BIG). We also learned how to take advantage of a meeting with executives instead of sweating it (something to remember at the December meeting!).
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