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AWG Rides Off Into The Sunset

An allegory:
The determined band of riders paused for a moment as they let their horses sip from the trickling stream at the base of the hot dusty canyon. Looking back occasionally from whence they came, they remembered the start of the journey. There were more of them back then. Young, full of grit and determination they had sallied forth with no eye toward the end. The adventure, the sense of camaraderie, and the movement toward a bright future was what mattered most.
Now, years later their numbers had dwindled to a die hard few who still held the faith. Who kept the strength of their faith that banding together alone served a purpose worth pursuing. Maybe it was that they never lost the grit. That they still dreamed of that destination pursued so doggedly back in the beginning. Maybe it was just inertia.
The lead had changed many times over the years. Those who started charting the course often fell back, letting others move up and take a hand at keeping the drive going. They often moved up again as the pace slackened, or the course deviated from the original destination. Times change though, and more and more riders dropped away from the pack. They stopped for varying reasons; some had reached a place where they felt it was time to settle down. Some were tired of the journey, some found their dreams along the trail and bid a farewell with good wishes to those continuing on the path towards a destination farther along.
Here, as the remaining riders paused for a moment of respite, everyone quietly acknowledged that it was time to reassess. To look at the horizon and reach agreement that it was time for a final days ride towards the sunset. The journey begun so long ago had come to an end, and each in turn nodded as they reigned in their horses and spurred them hurriedly towards the quickly setting sun.

Dear AWG members:
The Board of AWG has collectively determined that the end of our journey has arrived. The December Pitch Meeting with Chris Lockhart will be the final chapter in the wonderful story of the Alameda Writers Group.
Any members who have renewed membership during this calendar year will be receiving a rebate for paid up months past the December close of the group.
It has been our sincere honor to meet regularly with all of you, and the entire Board wishes everyone continued success in their journey.

Thanks AWG Members

AWG is currently closed. For more info on the future please contact

Thanks for everything. 


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